(English Sub) New Employee Who Gets Excited for No Reason (2024)

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Scene 1. A new female employee, nervous on her first day at work, is approached by a man, saying he is the group’s successor. Despite his persistent pressure, the woman eventually gives in. However, she beats the man after hearing the absurd claims that he will inherit his father’s honor, not his wealth.

Scene 2. A couple uses their lunch break to satisfy their sexual desires. The woman, with a perfect figure, skillfully seduces the man.

Scene 3. A wife wakes up a relaxed husband at home on a lazy afternoon, accusing him of cheating. The husband denies it, so the wife interrogates him, which escalates into a physical altercation, leading the wife to leave the house. Eventually, the husband finds her, and they reconcile through sex. Isn’t there a saying that sex after a fight between couples is the best?

Scene 4. A married woman runs away from home in a fit of anger. After a week, she’s out of money and has nowhere to sleep. At that moment, she pretends to be asleep near a passing man and ends up getting a piggyback ride back to his place.

Scene 5. A female pickpocket is relaxing at her home when she is visited by the man next door. Later, while she is stealing his wallet, she gets caught by the man, and she begins to apologize with her body.

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